Chinese Porcelain Tea Cup And Saucer Perfect Drinkware For Tea Ceramic Gift China Craft
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Chinese Porcelain Tea Cup And Saucer Perfect Drinkware For Tea Ceramic Gift China Craft

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Handmade item
Technique: Blue and white
Material: porcelain

1. Basic Introduction

The Chinese porcelain tea cup and saucer is a perfect Drinkware for tea and good ceramic gift china craft. Cup 6.5cm, height 5cm, saucer diameter 9cm, cup and saucer total height 6cm, capacity 55ml.

2. Technique

Traditional Chinese blue and white porcelain technique is used for the tea cup and saucer. Blue and white porcelain, refers to decoration painted with cobalt oxide on the body of vessel before glazing. The decoration is therefore under the glaze. The decoration is commonly applied by hand, which is different from transfer printing and stenciling.

3. Decoration

Hand painted phragmites in freehand brush work.

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